Philosophy of Education

Philosophy of Education

I believe that the more involved students are in the classroom the more mathematical knowledge they will retain.  If students are actively asking questions, involved in group discussions, participating in activities they are less likely to have their mind wonder to another topic. By doing group activities, practice problems (not homework) and discussions students can have the material presented to them by their own peer in a way myself, the instructor, may not think to explain it. This not only gives a new prospective it also reinforces the information to for the peer explain the information.

The instructor should be involved too.  Technology is very in evolved in student’s day to day life, thus should be part of their education.  The resource of technology is a wonderful gift, instructor should not give the lesson form behind a technology all the time.  By getting away from technology instructors have a better chance of having a one on one connection with their students, making it easier for the students to come to the instructor with questions.

I believe that the education is not only to absorb material but to learn how to learn and to solve problems.  That does not mean that the material is not important.  It means that how the students obtain, contain, and use the material will help them outside the classroom.  No matter what the students does after school the skill of learning new material, and retaining that information can help them in the future.

An instructor should be someone who wants to see their students succeed inside and outside the classroom.   The instructor should push their students to be the best they can be.  To do this the students should be challenged to do better, to set a goal for themselves that they want to achieve.  With the instructors push and the help the students should be able to obtain any goal.

I believe that my philosophy is progressivism because I believe that being hands on and interacting with others is a great way to learn. With that being said I also know that it is not the only way of learning.  As I become more involved with the education of others I will learn that my philosophy will change, and will need to, to benefit my students the best.