Classroom Management Plan


Classroom Management Plan

Sara Middendorf


Routines and Procedures

My Routines
Entering the Room
  • Turn personal phone on silent
  • Open Email
  • Arrange desk for the day,
  • Turn on all lights in classroom,
  • Turn on smartboard
  • Turn on computer
  • Put out folders for practice problems
  • Write assignments on board and online
  • Have warm up on board
  • Remind students to work on the warm up
Gathering Materials for the Day
  • Have all documents open on computer
  • Calculators out with signout sheet
  • Resource table available and ready
  • Textbook open to chapter/ page
  • Handouts organized with easy accesses
  • Activity/project mareal out and available for students
Taking Attendance
  • Done while students are working on the daily problem
  • Mark absent on online program
  • First day of class by roll call ( so I can put name with faces)
  • Reference class list/ seating chart
My Routines for Managing Work
Turning in Work Practise problems:

  • Ask for any questions
  • Have students correct problems (in different color) form key on the board
  • Walk around to see how students are doing
  • Remind students to enter their grade
  • Have students put in folder/ binder

In class work:

  • Students may work with others
  • Students discuss with me and or whole class when done


  • Established due date time,
  • Begin grade after due date time

                 late work is graded last

Turning in Late Work
  • Mark down a point if turned in same day few hours late
  • Reason for late sheet must be attached to late work
  • Late work is graded last (given back to the student in reasonable time)
My Ending Routines
Ending Instruction in the Classroom After lecture

  • Allow for work time alone or in groups of two
  • Play math games to refresh math skills
  • Do math packet puzzles/ games
  • Always doing something
  • No cell phones out

Before dismissal

  • review:
    • What is due
    • What is coming up,
    • My availability to answer questions
  • Smile and have a good day
Procedures to Teach at the Beginning of the Year
Material needed What students need to bring to class every day

  • Textbook
  • Pencil
  • Red pen
  • Paper/notebook
  • Calculator
  • Completed Practice problems
  • Good attitude
Resource table (Has textbooks, calculators, pencils, pens, scrap paper, notebook paper, old worksheets math games, rulers, glue, staples, tape, colors, tissues, pencil sharpener, etc.)

  • Located in back of room
  • Get what you need before lecture
  • Use as needed
  • Return material at the end of class
  • If a resource is being over utilized may be moved to my desk or cabinet
Students Entering the classroom Quietly, respectfully,and keeping hands to yourself
Warm up Done at the beginning of class, students are to enter the room

  • Get out the material to answer the question
  • Begin working out the problem to the best of their ability
  • Ask question
  • Right correct answer and work next to their work
Filling out top of notebook paper
  • Name
  • Date
  • Assignment
  • Page number
  • Should be done before class
  • Ask to go first thing
  • During class
    • Raise hand and ask
    • Follow school policy
Borrowing book/ calculators Write name and book/calculator number in the appropriate sign out space
Absent work   Students are to look online which will tell them:

  • What was turned in
  • What was the homework
  • If there was lecture notes
  • Any important announcements
Reason for late sheet Students needed to fill out a reason for late sheet with the:

  • Name:
  • Assignment:
  • Date the assignment was due:
  • Date the assignment was turned in
  • Why the assignment was late
  • What can we do to make sure is turned in on time next time
  • Student signature
Show where everything is at
  • Label areas of room
  • Label where things goes
Test/ quiz
  • Rules
    • No cheating
    • No talking
  • Expectations
    • Show me what you know
    • Respect one another
  • Where to sit
  • What to have out (may be different for each test and student)


Developing and Teaching Expectations

My Classroom Expectations
When you enter the classroom: You are scientists, authors,  leaders, explorers, readers, thinkers, friends, and important!


Encouraging Positive Behavior

Strategies for Creating Positive Connections in the Classroom
  • Mix up groups so students can get to know one another
  • Incorporate their interest into the homework
System for Reinforcing Individual Students
  • Go to student extracurricular activities and tell them about it the next day
  • Learn what show is “in” and talk about it
  • Learn about their interest outside of school
  • Let the students teach you on their interest
System for Class-Wide Reinforcement Be calm, fair, and consistent
Strategies for Increasing Positive Feedback
  • Specific positive feedback
  • Immediately give positive feedback back
  • Give reason to their good job
Strategies for Increasing Personal Regard
  • Thank students for their answer
  • Understand student reasoning
  • Know what students are comfortable answering in front of the class
  • Be optimistic with the students


Rules and Consequences

Rules of My Classroom
  • Respect:
    • fellow classmates and school staff
    • school and classmates property
    • all ideas given in class
  • Be on time
  • Try, don’t give up, and do your best  
  • Come prepared
  • Participate in class discussions
  • Cooperate in groups

Principles of My Classroom
My classroom will spark the interest of my students, allow for the students to be hands, and apply the information to the real world to retain information better.In my classroom students will learn to problem solve, work with others, be self-reliant and ready for the real world.  
Redirecting Negative Behavior During Whole-Class Instruction
  • Ask the student to rejoin
  • Reassure the student that the topic may be frustrating but we will work thru it
  • Tell them about the consequences that can occur for there actions
  • Redirect fast to not lose a lot of class time
Redirecting Negative Behavior During Individual Instruction/Worktime
  • See if they have any question or show they were I may have gotten confused
  • Work with student one on one
  • Tell them the benefits of getting the work done now
  • Step outside of the classroom and see how their day is going
Redirecting Negative Behavior During Group Collaboration Time
  • Tell different options are okay to have we just need to keep our head on straight
  • Math can be solved in multiple ways justify your answer in a calm voice
  • Try to avoid people who bt heads in the same group
  • Divide larger groups into smaller ones for less options
  • If collaboration is not possible let them work alone
Addressing Negative Behavior One on One
First:Talk one on one with the student

Second: Talk with other instructor see if it’s just in your class

Third: Talk with parents

Last: Send to higher authority
While talking with the student

  • See what we can do tomorrow to have a awesome day
  • Open ended question (so they can talk and find out what they are truly mad about)

Follow thru!