Looking a Head

cartoon_bird_dog_looking_for_birds_with_binoculars_royalty_free_clipart_picture_090529-143671-330042I am excited about this semester I’m going to expanded my mathematical mind, my knowledge of technology,and my confidence in the classroom.  I am excited to learn about the Josephus Problem in mathematics; I will post about that later.  I hope my paper explains all the information I have learned to the reader effectively.  I’m also a little nervous about my presentation; I don’t want to talk to fast. I cannot wait to see everything my google account can do.  Who knew one little email account could have so many applications to the classroom? I have also decided to start this blog.  I plan on using my blog to help me learn about technology. Times are changing and technology is a huge part of the world today. So I’m stepping outside my box and blogging.  By creating my blog, I will learn how to use and find resource that will advance my knowledge of technology.  Thus helping me incorporate technology into the classroom.  Speaking about the classroom, I’m pre-student teaching this semester! I’m starting to connect to the students and cannot wait to teach them my first lesson! At the same time, I’m a little nervous about the EdTPA.  I know I have nothing to worry about I have amazing instructors here to help me.




This semester in school I am very interested in learning more on how I can use the iPad in my classroom. I am most interested in exploring the app Explain Everything.  I believe the app can help me create math videos for students to reference at home.  Allowing the students to have an extra five-minute lecture to watch at home can help with any question they may have.  I have used the app Explain Everything to create a short video just touching the surface to everything the app provides.  Like most technology there is always more to learn, luckily for me, my cooperating teacher is a fan of Explain Everything and uses it for his flipped classroom.