I am a Mathematics Major with an emphasis in Secondary Education.  I grow up in the small town of East Dubuque, Illinois.  If you know where Galena, Illinois is, you are not too far from East Dubuque.

Everyone has a dream of when they grow up.  When I was in kindergarten I wanted to grow up to be a pumpkin!  As I grew up I found that my dream of being a pumpkin would not be possible.  As the years went on I found my love of mathematics.  The consistence of a numbers and the uniqueness of geometric shapes provided me with the desire to explore the world of mathematics.  From that moment on I knew I would go into the field of mathematics.  I idea of teaching mathematics came to me when I was in high school.  While in high school I enjoyed helping fellow classmates, some older than me, with their math homework. This instance showed me I could help others grow their knowledge of mathematics.  That is why I knew I would be a Secondary Education teacher in mathematics.

I am very passionate in the field of mathematics and teaching. I want students to see and understand the impact math has in the world around them, that math is more than a procedure you follow to obtain the correct solution.  At Potosi High School, I taught Pre-Calculus, Calculus, Geometry, and Algebra II.  I feel when students are in a high school mathematics course, the application of math is more relatable to the math that students need to be both college and career ready.  In my time at Potosi High school I have noticed that high school students bring energy, maturity, and a desire to understand the application of mathematics in the world around them. At Drexler Middle School, I taught 6th grade math and Advance 6th grade math. Middle school students need a teacher that can build confidence not only in math but also in themselves. The math middle school students learn need to shape a strong base that they can use and build more knowledge from.  The students bring energy, imagination, and a willingness to ask question, behaviors that can enhance learning.

My experience with student teaching at Potosi High School and Drexler Middle school has prepared me for my time in the classroom.  I have learned patience, confidents, classroom management and positive attitude

I am a graduate from the University of Wisconsin Platteville, with a B.S in Mathematics, emphasis in Secondary Education.  I have already passed all requirements for a teaching license in Wisconsin and Iowa and will be ready and willing to begin teaching. I have obtained the state of Wisconsin teaching licenses and Iowa teaching licenses


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