What I’ve Learned

Blogging was a new experience for me, one I suggest everyone tries.  While I have been blogging this semester I have also been following some of my classmates’ blogs.  Here are the best things I have learned form them.

  1. Stephanie’s blog had some great tips on how to use Pinterest to collaborate.  I’ve never thought about (or known how to) share  what I found on Pinterest with other educators.
  2. Sydney’s post on 5 Things to Keep in Mind When Implementing Technology was a good reminder.  It reminded me that even though technology should be part of the classroom teachers still need to be aware of outside factors
  3. In Megan’s blog on the SAMR model, one point that really hit home for me was when she said “With the SAMR Model, history can come to life.”  I know the SAMR model can help with the incorporation of technology into the classroom, but bring it to life is something I didn’t think about.

I want to thank all my fellow bloggers for their wonderful information ans stories.


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