You Need to Try This!!!

Help with communication and collaboration

So I’m really excited to tell you about the online whiteboard I found.  The white board is Twiddla.  Twiddla is a web- based meeting playground. The website allows for you to write and draw on websites, graphics, photos, documents or brain storm ideas.  You can also be communicating thru audio.  You’re not by yourself you are with multiple people. No plug-ins, downloads, or firewall and its free! Teacher get Twiddla free and there is a free 30 day trial.  This tool is something I would use if I was absent from the day and I still want to teach the student.  I could  be away from the school and ask students question.  Students could then answer on a smart board and I could see how well their understanding the material.  Twiddla can also be helpful when students need help outside of the classroom and you can’t meet face to face.

Here is a tutorial on Twiddla

Try Twiddla Today!

Always feel free to play in the sandbox so you get conformable with Twiddla.


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