Using TPack

TPack stands for Technological, Pedagogical, and Content Knowledge. TPack “is a framework to understand and describe the kinds of knowledge needed by a teacher for effective pedagogical practice in a technology enhanced learning environment.” The best way to understand Tpack is by using a Venn diagram, as shown below.  The three circles represent technological, pedagogical, and content Knowledge.  Many instructors are strong in the content knowledge because it is a subject area that you are very interested in and knows a good deal about.  The pedagogical knowledge is an instructor’s knowledge on how to teach and make the information more accessible .  The pedagogical knowledge is taught to soon to be educators in college.  The pedagogical knowledge will also grow with time and experience. The technological knowledge is knowing what technology is out there and what will benefit the students the most (using the SAMR model).  This is an important part in achieving TPack.  Not having all three parts of TPack is like not adding the chocolate chips to chocolate chip cookies.  You will still have a cookie but not the best chocolate chip cookie.  Missing a part of TPack will still be and educator but the best educator.

I believe that I have the content knowledge and the pedagogical knowledge will continue to grow as I continue to teach.   I am lucky to be part of a class that will inform me on some of the technology I can incorporate into my classroom.  As I teach I will try to stay in the center of the TPack model. I think TPack will impact my practice in teaching because the TPack model brings attention to the importance of technology.  I want to be able to have videos online for students to watch for extra resources.

For more information go to, watch this video on TPack, or visit The Whiteboard Blog



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